How To Grow Your Google+ Page

How To Grow Your Google+ Page

Growing a Google+ account can be more difficult than growing other social media platforms and we’ve seen that gaining 1 follower can be as tough as growing 10 followers on Twitter. The followers on Google+ will be more targeted and more interested in your brand or industry because anytime someone follows you on Google+ they have to manually click follow. With Twitter or Instagram you can follow mass amount of people in a short amount of time but with Google+ it isn’t as easy to mass follow people. You have to manually click each person and click follow on each person.


One popular method we’ve used to grow Google+ accounts is to actively engage in the targeted groups that Google+ has. If you’re in the social media marketing industry you would find a ‘small business owner’ group or a ‘social media marketing tips’ group and offer valuable content to that audience. After so many posts people will see that you know what you’re talking about, that you’re offering valuable information and a lot of the time will end up following you so they have easier access to your content. The key is to offer content that is beneficial to the group or content that will resonate with the group. This will establish your page and brand as a trusted source for industry related content. At the end of the day that’s the reason people are active and participate in these groups, they want valuable content! You also do not want to constantly push promotional posts in these groups because people will start to think you are only there to sell your product/service.


Another way to grow your Google+ page is to start adding large amounts of people to relevant circles and by following them. In general on social media if you follow someone and you can honestly say you offer valuable, relatable information a lot of times they will follow you back or at least engage with your brand. By adding people to specific groups it makes it a lot easier to share information with the right people, so they see exactly what they’re interested in.


Another tip that may be obvious to some is to make sure you are engaging in these groups. If you see a post you like or can relate to let them know! Or if you don’t want to comment you can +1 their post or even share it. You’ll be surprised how much, over time this will help your brand presence on Google+ and how much people will return the favor. You also want to be using high quality images, there’s nothing more unattractive than seeing a grainy image or an image that is unrelated to the post.


You can also search keywords that are important to your brand and follow them. If they click your page and see that you are offering content that they have not seen elsewhere a lot of time they will follow you back. To increase your chances even more of getting that follow back, you can engage with their posts.


Feel free to comment below with any methods that have been successful for your business!

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