Snapchat Marketing  —  Custom Filters, Campaign Ideas, & Growth

Snapchat Marketing  —  Custom Filters, Campaign Ideas, & Growth

Snapchat has recently started letting businesses make custom Geo Filters and use them to their advantage. The hard part is being creative and figuring out a way to have your customers market for you using your custom filter. Since 60% of all U.S. 13–34 year old smartphone users use Snapchat daily, it would be a mistake not to take advantage of this.

Custom Geo Filters

If you own a bar, restaurant or any kind of store front, we recommend you invest in a Snapchat Geo Filter. If the majority of your audience is below 34 years old, we definitely recommend you invest in a Geo Filter.

So let me walk you through this, someone comes into your restaurant or storefront and they begin to use the most popular and most used social media platform, Snapchat. (Since 54% of all Snapchat users use the app daily, there’s a great chance that multiple people who come into your store will use it in your store.) They take selfies, pictures of their food/drinks, or of their friends. So instead of letting this opportunity of your customers sending out pictures in your storefront go to waste, why not put a custom branded filter up so they can market for you. Without you having to do a thing.

So the key to this strategy is to put up a sign in your storefront informing your customers about your new Snapchat filter. I think it is safe to say that if there is a unique, fun, creative filter that not too many people are using, as human beings love to standout, we can bet they will use this new filter. The guys in the office agreed, from personal experience anytime they see a new Snapchat filter they are almost always using it, because naturally it is unique and different from the rest. If they send it to their friends or put it on their ‘My Story’ this picture will go out, on average, to anywhere from 50–150 people.

There are so many different ideas you can do with this custom filter. For bars, you can have customers send funny/creative Snapchats to the bar’s Snapchat account and have the best/funniest ones featured on the account. You can even have a contest giving away a free drink or appetizer to whoever the staff votes as the best one. This will get more people to follow the company’s Snapchat account, and spread massive awareness. We can almost guarantee if you do a few contests like these a month, you will have more people wanting to participate in this and get on your local bars Snapchat account!

Also, if you are having a birthday party, a wedding, or an event, have people remember this special day with photos that will remind them of that special day. People will be more likely to upload pictures to their story if their is a unique Snapchat filter that no-one has seen before.

Growing A Snapchat Account

One way to grow your Snapchat Account, which will help with the contests I just mentioned, would be to run Facebook ads to people located around your storefront and tell them to add you on Snapchat, for “exclusive coupons” or to “see the highlights of each night”. The best part about these kinds of ads is the fact that the viewer does not have to click or opt in or anything, they can see the Snapchat username right in the text or headline of the ad.

Even if you do not own a business that has a store, if you have a consulting business or a niche that you’re an expert in, you can encourage people to send you a Snapchat asking a question and you will respond with your expert advice.

Snapchat is literally taking over the social media industry, and the reason Snapchat is so helpful to businesses is because people are already using Snapchat daily, so why not have them use a custom filter to market your business for you. The biggest thing that will get people to use your filter is building an attractive, fun filter that your customers actually like using. We believe all storefronts will have their custom Snapchat filters within 6 months. Take advantage and get a custom filter up before the rest of your industry does.